Tracy Morgan’s Offensive Comments Continue – Targets Mentally Disabled.

See this is what happens when you get into the main stream.  You can’t do the stuff that got you there, thus you lose your original fans.  Then you try to go back to doing that stuff and you lose your new fans.  You just can’t win.

It happens in music.  You start off hard rock, a couple of your songs go mainstream and end up on a TV commercial.  You make 2 watered down albums and then lose your hard core fans, you try to go back hardcore and lose your new fans.

That’s exactly what Tracy Morgan is experiencing.  He was Tracy Morgan before he was Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock.  Tracy was offensive, raunchy, politically incorrect, homophobic, sexist and absolutely hilarious.  Now he doesn’t know who he really is.

This role in 30 Rock has made his pockets fatter indeed, but it’s also increased his fan based to a sensitive NBC watching audience.  This audience doesn’t know the real Tracy Morgan.

The Real Tracy Morgan says this to the audience in reference to upsetting the Gay Community:

“I don’t “f*cking care if I piss off some gays, because if they can take a f*cking d**k up their ass … they can take a f*cking joke.”

Wow.  Love it or like it, that’s who he is.

Well that went wrong.  Really wrong and he went on to play what I call the “apology” circuit.  Doling out “I’m sorrys” like government cheese.

Fast forward to this week; the headlines read: Tracy Morgan offends the Mentally Impaired!

What did Tracy Morgan say now?

“Don’t ever mess with women who have retarded kids, Them young retarded males is strong. They’re strong like chimps.

He then sets up a joke about dating a girl as a teenager.  He describes the girl as “a cripple” with a mechanical larynx, portable dialysis machine, and a prosthetic arm.

I’m sorry, but that’s got the makings of a funny joke.

People – comedians are people who do comedy.  Comedy is not to be taken seriously…..they are only joking.  Get it?

Here is Tracey as the puppet Spoony Luv making a prank call: