Chris Hansen and Kristyn Caddell caught in a Hansen Sting!

Chris Hansen?  Chris Hansen? Where do I know that name from?

Oh; he’s the guy who walks in on sex offenders on the show “To Catch a Predator”.  His team poses as underage girls on the internet, and when the “soon to be “sex offender shows up – Gotcha!  It’s one of the most entertaining bits on TV.  It’s serious, disgusting and entertaining all at the same time.

Well the tables have been turned on Mr. Hansen.  He has now become the victim of a Hansen-esque sting himself.  Organized by no other then the National Enquirer, Mr. Chris Hansen was set up.  Not really…he was taped doing dirt, not tricked into doing it. So technically he wasn’t set up.

Someone close to the situation told the National Enquirer that Kristyn Caddell (30 years old, so she is legal), and Chris Hansen had a little chemistry when she was an intern at NBC.  Apparently that little chemistry has gotten Chris Hansen’s “test tube” on the Bunsen burner.

The two were caught having dinner for two at the  Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach.  After dinner they went for a long romantic drive, gassed up her Jeep and headed out to her place.  They both went in, and no one came out until the morning.  8 AM in the morning to be exact.

Another source has reached out to the New York post stating that the story itself is bogus and that the two have been friends for a long time.

Enter Biz Markie Song here:


The Enquirer says that this has been going on for 4 months.  Hansen is a 51 year old father of 2.  Obviously they had to have pretty concrete evidence to go to the trouble of setting up a camera and following this man around town.

Caddell worked her way up from an NBC intern to a respected news anchor in West Palm.  Now she has worked her way onto the headlines.  It would be a nice story if Chris Hansen wasn’t freakin’ married!!!!

They say when the two left her place the next morning they were wearing different clothes and Kristyn’s hair was all messed up.  Hee Hee hee.

She has been reported to have taken trips to see Chris in NY as well.

Hansen’s cover story is that he’s investigating a missing boater from South Florida.  We’re not even buying that, I ‘m pretty sure Mrs. (Mary) Hasnsen ain’t buying it either.  Let’s see how messy this one gets.