Will Smith, his P0RN0 Mustache and Michael Bay are in for Bad Boys 3

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Will Smith, his P0RN0 Mustache and Michael Bay are in for Bad Boys 3


Will smith and his P0rn0 Mustache are in for Bad Boys III

Will Smith is in for Bad boys 3 and rumor has it that Michael Bay is in as well.  Now that he’s done with the Transformers franchise and Smith is done with the third installment of Men in Black (Boo! Boo!), they both might be ready for another “Bad Boys”.

Talk of Bad Boys 3 has been going on since 2009 and a script has officially been in the works since Dec. 2010.

Peter Craig was pegged for the movie in 2009 and back in Dec. 2010 Variety wrote a small paragraph stating that Craig had been officially hired.

As good as Bad Boys 2 was, the cost of making 3 could be an issue.  Not production costs, but salaries.  Everyone involved with the movie has received uber success, with the exception of Martin Lawrence who is equally as talented but hasn’t found his comedic vehicle to success.


Peter Craig has reached critical Acclaim with the movie “The Town”, Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay have made a ton of money and Will Smith is bigger than ever even though we haven’t seen him on the big screen in a while.  A long while – Seven Pounds was his last film that aired back in 2008!

I respect the Bad Boys Franchise, mainly because Bad Boys 2 was better than 1, and I though BB1 was decent.  BB2 was better not only because it had a bigger budget, but it was done with as much passion, care and flare as the first.  It’s up there with Lethal Weapon 4, and Rush Hour 2 as Big Blockbusters Franchises go, not to mention one of the best car chase scenes of this generation.

Full steam ahead.  Que the Jamaican accent, “Bad Boys, Bad Boys, wacha gonna do, wacha gonna do?”

How about one of the best Car Chase Scenes in a Looong Time!