Rebecca Black Slated to Release new Youtube Video July 18th and EP Coming Soon!

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Rebecca Black Slated to Release new Youtube Video July 18th and EP Coming Soon!

Oh I can’t wait.  I just love the Rebecca Black hate.  She is a haters dream and come July 18th, there will be even more hate to pass around.  She will be releasing a 5 song EP.

Next Monday she will release her 1st single on her Youtube Channel.  Get the Dislike button ready!  After the single will run on Youtube for a day it will be listed on iTunes.

She brought out the heavy guns for this one, ok the chubby guns.  Brandon Hamilton who has written tracks for “The Bieber” , and Charlton Pettus who has produced for Hilary Duff have joined Black to make single No. 2 with hopes it will be as remarkable as her first hit.


Black actually stands to make a ton of money.  She decided not to sign with a label and is attempting to self release the LP.  Why not, she has a fan base and is a household name.  If she rides this wave of fame and Youtube, she can actually go Platinum on iTunes.  It will set a new precedence for breaking an artist.  I’m sure all the big companies are taking notes.

Another huge win for Black his her new role in Katy Perry’s “Last Friday night (TGIF) video”. Her attempts to stretch out her 15 minutes has paid off.

16 seconds into the Katy Perry video, Rebecca Black can be seen siting on a couch at a party.  The Teaser video to Perry’s new song is actually a parody to Rebecca’s “Friday” video.

If you haven’t seen it, then you are one of the few people who’ve missed it.  It has 167 million views blowing by Justin Bieber’s “Baby” to become the most watched video on Youtube.


Rebecca Black actually plays “the cool girl.” She is seen on the couch but the party is her party and then later she can be seen waxing Katy Perry’s nonexistent mustache.

Perry has been really jumping into this alter ego of Kathy Beth – super nerd.  She’s launched a Facebook and Twitter account for the fake eight grader.