Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s Son Badly Hurt….On a Boogie Board?

Arnold’s youngest son has been hospitalized after a Bad Boogie Board Debacle.  (Say that three times fast).  Let me clarify, Christopher who is Arnold’s youngest son with Maria, was hospitalized.

The couple was forced to be in each other’s presence as they were at the hospital in L.A.

“They’ve been in the hospital together, and they’re talking constantly. Their son is their priority right now,” the source said of the divorcing couple.


Dude was tore up.  He had broken bones and a collapsed lung!

DAYUMMMM – I didn’t know you could do that on a boogie board.  How does it collapse your lung?  Ouch!

The accident actually happened last Sunday. The couple has been doing a good job keeping it under wraps.

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Shriver and Schwarzeneggar released a joint statement

“While it has been a very scary week, Christopher is surrounded by his family and friends, He is a brave boy and is expected to make a full recovery. “… On behalf of our entire family, we want to sincerely thank the paramedics and lifeguards who responded so swiftly, as well as the doctors, nurses, emergency room and hospital staff who have cared for our son.”

This comes on the heels of Arnold denying  spousal support.  I bet you they didn’t think they would be seeing each other so quickly after taking opposing stances.  D’oh!


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