Rachel Uchitel Secretly Marries Matt Hahn in Spur of the Moment Vegas Wedding.

Rachel Enjoying a ride on her Boy Toy Earlier This Year

Uchitel has crept off to Vegas to Marry her boy toy Matt Hahn.

Uchitel might be a lot of things but she’s no dummy.  Closing in on 40 (she’s 36), with her good looks (which to me is very debatable) being her only real asset she locked up a catch that’s almost 10 years her junior.


Even on the low, they could not escape the cameras of TMZ.  The couple got married at the Little White chapel in Vegas, while they were actually there for the wedding of a friend.

Uchitel stated:

‘Matt and I were married in front of 12 friends on Sunday night at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, where everyone from Michael Jordan to Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, to Britney Spears were married.

‘We are really happy and feel extremely fortunate to have one another.’

She then followed that up with a Tweet,

‘Thank you to all the well wishers!’

We all know of Uchitel’s list of troubled relationships.

  • She was engaged to James Andrew O’ Grady, an investment banker who died in the 911 attacks,
  • She married a childhood friend, Steven Ehrenkranz who was a trader.  The marriage only lasted 4 months.
  • She was fooled around with Tiger Woods.

In March her and Matt Hahn revealed their romance.

Looking at her track record, and the fact that Hahn is described as a “business man” you are thinking what I’m thinking….this dude is loaded.

Think again.  They met on Facebook.  I peeped his Linked-In profile.  The guy is 26 years old and is an insurance broker.  They are said to be living together in Uchitel’s 2 million dollar New York Apartment, paid for I’m sure by Tiger Woods.

Hahn might be the one “WINNING” for now.