Emily Maynard upgrades, from Brad Womack to NFL’s Jeremy Shockey!

That’s was fast.  After three months with crazy man Bard Womack Emily Maynard has upped her game.

Drop that chicken dinner and get with a winner!

She’s now dating Jeremy Shockey according to Us Weekly.  Shockey is a tight end for the Carolina Panthers.  Shockey and Maynard met on a blind date through a mutual friend.  After a dinner at BLT’s the 25 year old single mother was smitten with the Tight Ends’, tight end!!  They have been on five dates so far and counting…


Maynard and Shockey already show a better match then her and Womack.  They both live in the same state, and Womack was 38, in my opinion, too old for Emily.  Shockey is 30 – perfect!

Maynard was on the verge of moving herself and her daughter to Austin, Texas to live with Brad when she came to her senses and put the brakes on the plan.

They both agreed, just because they love each other, doesn’t mean they are right for each other.

Shockey has been pouring on the mush, his twitter account is on fire with lovey-dovey tweets,

‘Dreams are like stars, you may never touch them But If you follow them they Will lead you to your destiny,’


‘Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Aristotle.’

Ummm….urummm…..shouldn’t you be worried about crushing heads and winning football games?  Somebody is p*ssy whipped! Emily put it on him!!


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