Robin Williams Weds Girlfriend of Two Years Susan Schneider at the Nappa Valley Resort.

Robin Williams looking like a cross between Rupert form Survivor and the Gordon’s fisherman got married this weekend for the third time.

His bride goes by the name of Susan Schneider.  Williams met Schneider at a vulnerable time in his life, right before he went in for his heart surgery back in 2009.  He had an aortic valve replacement – which was exceptionally scary because Williams lost his brother at age 69 due to hear failure.  Susan was there at a critical time helping Williams on the road to recover, two years later – BOOM! She gets a ring.

Single ladies – find a man that needs an aortic valve and you can be hitched in two years too!!

In reports Susan is listed as a graphic designer but with a little digging she is actually the owner of a small design company called Critical Eye Design.  Nowhere does it mention her age.   When Williams is rocking the beard he looks like her father, but when he’s clean shaven they look like they are only a few years apart.

Baby Face Williams!!

Williams at age 60 has three children from his previous marriages.

Williams was married for 10 years to Valerie Velardi who he had his first child Zachary who is 28 now.

His 2nd marriage to Marsha Garces resulted in Zelda 22 (as in “The Legend of”) and Cody 19.

The Wedding was held at the Nappa Valley resort and was star studded to say the least.  Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Billy Crystal to just name a few heavy weights.

Here’s a look at Robin Williams first two marriages.


2nd Marriage to Marsha Garces


Williams as Popeye Circa 1980

Williams has been a big deal in Hollywood for a long time.  He was Popeye in the only musical (with the exception of the Lion King) that I would could sit through over and over.

As Mork 1978 – 1982

He was Mork from Mork and Mindy.  This show was a BIG DEAL!  Lunch boxes, dolls and all.  I’m not saying  I had a Mork doll, but I’m saying they were poppin’ in their day.

Best wishes to the newlyweds.