Kevin Federline Hospitalized for Heat Stroke while Filming Australian Reality Show

K-Fed, or should I say, K – “Very Well Fed” is now being hospitalized from heat stress.

De Ja Vu

If you remember, Kevin Federline was on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp two years ago and actually did quite well.  I believe he was on the same season as Bobby Brown as well as his baby’s mother Shar Jackson.  I thought he was serious about his weight loss and he ended up losing 30 lbs.  You could actually see some of his SWAG creeping back in.  It was good to see.

Somehow, he gained that weight back and what it appears to be more.

Knowing that the American Celebrity Fit thing was working he decides to get paid again for losing weight and go on the Australian version called “Excess Baggage”.

In the middle of filming Kevin Federline was advised by the shows medical staff to go to the hospital because he was showing all the classic signs of heat stress.  Don’t worry, he received some rest, some hydration and returned to continue filming.

The description of the show is pretty funny.  Just imagine the intro music playing, the contestants profiles being pulled up and the commentator describing the show,

‘Their physical and emotional baggage is holding them back, and they’re ready to reclaim their lives.’

‘Travelling far across this country, and deep inside themselves they will discover the secrets to shedding life’s Excess Baggage.’

I’m still trying to understand the selection of Kevin Federline for the show.  They label it C-list because there are no other celebrities recognizable outside  of Australia.  YIKES!

Let’s see if he can get his MOJO back and keep it.

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