Arnold Schwarzenegger Photographed wearing his ring, Further Supporting Rumors of a Make Up!

Until last week, when Katy Perry and Russell Brand were spotted without their rings, did I give the whole, “not wearing/ wearing” the wedding ring any credit.  As I’ve learned, it’s a big deal, especially when it comes to celebrities.


Arnold was spotted rockin’ his bedazzler over the last few days.  This wouldn’t be such a big deal, but it was a big deal when he stopped wearing it, so a reappearance is most definitely a good sign. This supports all the claims that the couple might be on the verge of a “make up”.  Despite moving out to her own $10 Million dollar house, Shriver has deep religious beliefs and this is being cited as a driving factor in helping the couple reconcile their union.

They have 25 years together and 4 children, as far as celebrities go, that’s like 3 marriages.  The couple spent the Christmas holiday together and close friends say they were extremely happy.  It was reported that they also attended the Lakers opening game on Christmas Day.


Arnold is playing the sweet role, even showering Shriver with gifts and attention and it appears to be wearing Shriver down, not to mention the fact that the affair with Mildred (Baena), the maid, was 14 years ago.  Not saying that it’s ok, I’m just saying it was a long time ago.


He’s 64, she’s 56, I say give it another try. Now that Arnold’s not running California he can properly run his house.  I’m sure Oprah and 1000’s of other women are yelling, “Maria!  Don’t do it”.  But this might be an example of a couple who is politically, financially and socially more powerful united than divided. Look at Hilary and Bill Clinton.  They arguably made the right decision, as they are way more powerful as a union then not.  Arnold will just have to be like Bill and do his dirt with a little more discretion.

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