A Shirtless Craig David Shows His 2012 Resolution – #NewPhysiqueNewMusic

Craig David is showing an extreme focus on being healthy and it’s showing. Dude is crazy ripped.  We saw it back in April of last year and it is carrying over into 2012.  It’s almost an obsession.  His Twitter account is nothing but eating healthy, working out, and making music.  Exactly what it should be.

The only thing is his face is looking crazy old.  Back when he was making hits he had a little fat on his face and looked his age, now he is looking aged a lot older then 30.

Let’s hope 2012 can get him back on the charts.  Dude had crazy swag.  His hometown fans are calling his latest works Slicker Than Your Average’ and ‘Trust Me’  “Over Americanized”.  OUCH!


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