The Kardahshian’s Call Their Lawyers to Stop “”, The Website Founder Just Laughs.

The Landing Page of

Taking the Kim Kardashian hate to a whole new level has gotten the founder of into some trouble.  Not a lot of trouble…just yet, but enough to rattle a lesser confident person’s nerves.

If you are not familiar with, it’s a website that starts off with a huge cartoon of Kim and works in a scroll down fashion.  It requests that you boycott all companies that do business with the Kardashian’s.  As you continue to scroll down you realize just how big the Kardashian empire really is.  An it’s “OBESE”.  The brands go on and on, Land Rover, Bloomingdales, Quick Trim, David’s Bridal, Kohl’s, even Tyler Perry is on there.  If you didn’t understand how Kim made her money before, you do now.

So far over 500,000 people have signed the petition – or as I say, over 500,000 people need to get a life.  It’s sad, but haters gonna hate.


The founder of the website was contacted by one lawyer, and threatened to get another even bigger lawyer.  The Kardashian’s keep general counsel on retainer, as you can imagine.  That man’s name is Christopher T. Wilson.  He warned the sites founder (who for obvious reasons wants to remain anonymous) that the family would be getting Martin Singer, Hollywood Attorney Extraordinaire, to file a criminal harassment complaint.

The owner just laughed the threat off,

“They try to scare you,

They do not want bad publicity.”

The thing that really tugged at Wilson’s short and curlies was the area of the website where visitors were encouraged to contact Singer regarding the recent reports that the Kardashian product were being made in Chinese sweatshops.  As if Kim outsourced the work personally.

The website founder’s response to the claims of encouraged harassment were,

“I did not encourage anyone to harass but instead encouraged them to call with their own personal opinion.”

But after the phone call Singers Contact info has been removed from the site.

With no visible ads running, or obvious ways of this site being monetized, Mr. Website owner better watch out.  He could be sued and spend the rest of his life cutting Kim K. a check.  Then he would have a real reason to hate her, and she will still be rich.


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