Dick Van Dyke is Engaged at 86, to 39 Year Old Arlene Silver. His Chitty Chitty has some Bang Bang Left!

I’m sorry, no disrespect to the great Dick, but that’s literally like marrying your Grandfather.  When Arlene Silver was only 1, Dick was 47! If that doesn’t creep you out, how about this: When Dick was almost of retirement age at 57, Arlene was only 10.  Ewwww….

Ok, I’m going to be mature about it.  I realize that the gap means less as you grow older. I’m not that naive, but it’s fun to gross everybody out.


Arlene Silver is a fan of TV trivia and knows very well who she is marrying.  Unlike Gary Coleman, who’s younger bride had never seen his work (not to compare the works of one G. Coleman with that of Dick Van Dyke).   She is not bad looking and could easily find a guy her own age if she truly desired.  Look at her picture, Not bad at all.

It appears that she is a make up artist and has done Dick’s make up as early as 2007 on a television show called Murder 101.  I got this from her IMDb page.  And…that’s all I got….for now.

Van Dyke has been staying on top of is game by singing in a quartet.  They even performed for the president last year with their rendition of a Mary Poppins “Supercalifragilistic”


He used to work in the CBS news room and Walter Cronkite was his news man.

His idols were Laurel and Hardy.  (Who???).  You probably have no idea who they are’ and if you do, you know they are crazy old.  But not only was Stan Laurel Dick Van Dyke’s idol, he was his friend and mentor.  He actually was around the same time as Laurel was.  They were friends!

Dick was known most for his own show.  As he described the ending on CBS,

“The Dick Van Dyke Show” lasted for 158 episodes — until one day in 1966. “That was the saddest day when we finally ended it, We all cried.”

He went on to do other big films such as the original Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


Of course that’s the big question.  Arlene is only 39.  She hooks up with wrinkles, bangs his brains out, he can only last maybe…..10 years.  She’s not even 50 at this point.  How much would she get if they are still married?

Famenetworth.com has him in at $30 Million

Celebritynetworth.com has him in also at $30 Million

Neither site provides a backing for the $30 Million dollar claim, but if Steve Martin is $110 it’s not far fetched at all for Van Dyke to be worth at least $30 Million.  Hell if you told me I had to bang a Betty White for 10 years for $30 Million, I would do it for 20 and give you $10 million just for giving me the opportunity.

Arlene ain’t no dummy.


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