Alcatraz TV Show Review – So Far I Can’t Escape, I’m In For At Least Another Week


There are a lot of people lined up for this one.  JJ. Abrams fans, Lost Fans, Alias fans….

With no Monday night football distracting me, I was ready for my 2 hour premiere. My assessment: Too Early to Call.


Alcatraz, does not try to hide exactly what it is.  Alcatraz wants to have message boards, fan pages, and a huge cult following, and after the first episode, they are off to a good start…maybe.

For Lost fans, it’s good to see Hurley (Jorge Garcia), and what’s even better is the fact that he is no idiot, in fact he is an expert!  This is a huge move, comforting move.  You are immediately focused on the plot, because Jorge Garcia’s presence provides familiarity that somewhat frees your mind .

A somewhat struggling Sarah Jones plays an officer that has hired Garcia, who is an Alcatraz expert to solve a mystery and begins to uncover more then they discover.  Alcatraz was supposedly closed in 1963, and the prisoners were transferred to other institutions…. so everyone originally thought.  This theory is challenged when prisoners start to show up in the present.  To mix things up even more, the prisoners themselves appear maybe, not to know what is going on themselves.

There are a few Premiere show necessities that I overlooked for the sake of moving things forward quickly.  If you DVR’d it, you will notice that many actions happen for the sake of plot progression versus what would actually happen in real life.  The theory of vanishing prisoners is almost to easily accepted.


With the shows 2 hr. Season Premier you can see a pattern that every show is going to end with someone from the old Alcatraz being found.  This could be either a prisoner, or security guard.

This might be one of the only obvious patterns.  What’s also obvious is there are numbers (47 shows up) and relationships that need to be kept track of, because they might appear relevant later, or might not.  You don’t know.  Thank God for DVR – something I should have done with Lost.


If they only premiered 1 hr, I would might not turn in enxt week, but the 2nd hour hooked me, and left me a little intrigued so I will be tuning in next week for sure.  I remember with Lost, I was in from Day 1, with Fringe, it might have been episode 3 before I was hooked.  I think Alcatraz is more Fringe then Lost.


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