Hugh Hefner’s Son Arrested for Laying Hands on His Playmate Girlfriend.

Hugh Hefner’s son is definitely not a chip off the old block.  His old man would never get rough with the ladies….unless they asked for it.

Marston Hefner was arrested Sunday night for assault on his girlfriend Clair Sinclair.  Clair Sinclair was Playmate of the year in 2011.  (What did you expect from the son of Hugh).  The two were living together in Pasadena.  Sunday the police were called to their residence where it was reported that Martson kicked Claire and punched her in the stomach.


There were visible bruises and red marks so Marston was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence.  Of course he was released on $20,000 bail.

Clair recovered afunny gifsnd was live on twitter today tweeting,

“There’s two types of pain in the world – pain that hurts you, and pain that makes you stronger. All of your positivity is giving me strength.”

Chip off the old Block

Marston’s mom was 1988 Playmate of the year Kimberly Conrad!

Marston’s Mom – 1988 Playmate of the Year Kimberley Conrad.


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