Real Housewives of Atlanta’s, Derek J Comes Under Fire as Rival Hairsylist Shoots Up his Salon! [video]


It appears that drama extends well past the Real Housewives Of Atlanta from their homes to their beauty parlors.

Beautician Derek J is one of the flamboyant characters who appears as a supporting role on The Housewives.  He’s the heavier of the two Gay regulars.  He owns his own place called the J Spot Salon.  It just so happens that Keisha Cole’s sister Neffe, works there and that’s where the trouble started.

A customer who was only referred to as Corwin showed up with a bad weave.  So bad in fact that Neffe did not know how to handle it.  Basically Corwin had a lace front wig put in and it was glued in so incorrectly that they did not know how to remove it.  After finding out the job was done by a rival salon, Derek J and Neffe decided to call the hairstylist that did the job in the first place.

Derek J tells the story from his point of view,

‘(Corwin) put a lace front unit on her hair – a glued down wig – and we couldn’t get it off,’

‘Her (hair was) messed up to the point we didn’t know what to do.

‘She was just trying to fix what was going on. We reached out to him on a professional level, That conversation turned bad, quickly. But we thought it was an argument over the phone and it was over with.

About four hours later, he showed up to the salon,

My receptionist came around and said, “There’s a guy here to see you, he’s really upset. He walks away and comes back with a gun, and then he points the gun to the ground,

He kept saying, You don’t think I will?’

Well he did.  He took aim and shot the floor.  Instead of being scared, Derek J was pissed.  That was his floor!  The floor that he would have to pay good money to get fixed.

 ‘I’m upset because my floor is messed up now,’

This’s something that shouldn’t have happened,  People say bad things about me all the time, but you can’t go off and try to pull a gun on somebody. It’s a ridiculous situation.’

Derek J called the cops and they are now on the hunt for the rival stylist.  He will be charged with aggravated assault and discharging a weapon.  He might also be charged with “illegally Operating a Lace Front Weave”.

Here is Derek J’s interview.


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