The Dark Knight Rises releases it’s Third Trailer. One Word, “EPIC”.

Everyone who is complaining that the Avengers is coming off to comical, then just shut your pie holes and wait for Dark Knight Rises.  All the comedy in this will be in the form of one-liners that are dramatic and more intense and bad ass then they are funny.  Peep the trailer and you will be saying this at least a dozen times until the movie premieres

“This isn’t a car”.

The Batman growl is sick.  Christian Bale is going to kill this role as usual.  Those who were hating on Anne Hathaway have to give it to her after watching this trailer.  She looks the part of catwoman for sure.

This will be the last trailer until the movie’s release date.  I think it might be already safe to say that this movie might not outperform “Spiderman” and “The Avengers”, but it will out thrill, out suspense and out haunt them.  Who knows with a little luck, the right weather conditions it might beat them at the box office too….all with no super powers.  Peep the trailer below.


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