rihanna VMA’s Short Hair Cut

Piers Morgan Says Rihanna Needs to Grow Her Hair Back!

Not everyone was digging Rihanna’s new doo that she rocked during MTV’s Video Music Awards last week. This included some unlikely fans such as one, Piers Morgan.

I thought the cut was nothing out of the ordinary for her.  In fact she looked damn good, Piers Morgan disagreed.  He was so put off by the cut, that he tweeted and quickly found himself trending as Rihanna and her 25 Million plus twitter followers had something to say about his comment.

As usual, Rihanna handled the comment with a very lady like comment as you can see from the twitter conversation below:





If you are like me, you are wondering why the hell Piers Morgan cares so much.  Does he want to see what Drake and Chris Brown are fighting about?  Maybe he wants a taste of her chocolate for himself.

Bill Maher and Karrine Superhaed Steffans dated for awhile

As farfetched as it seems, let’s not forget Bill Maher dated Superhead?  This is Hollywood, anything is possible.


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