George Wendt 2012 – George Wendt Suffered from Chest Pains

Norm! “Cheers” Actor George Wendt rushed to the Hospital Complaining of Chest Pains

While we were all preoccupied with the Hurricane Sandy, Norm was in danger.  George Wendt who played the lovable Norm Peterson on Cheers was rushed to the hospital with severe chest pains.

Let’s not forget, Cheers ended in 1993 – You damn right, that was almost 21 years ago.  George Wendt is no spring chicken, he is 64 years old, but the actor was still going strong.  He was scheduled to play Oscar Madison in “The Odd Couple” stage play which was showing in the Chicago area.

He reported chest pains on Sunday and was checked into the hospital where he is still being treated.  The director of the play B.J. Jones released a statement on Wendt’s condition,

“George is family to us at Northlight and we wish him well for a complete and speedy recovery, He will be missed in the rehearsal room and on stage.”

Wendt will be replaced by Marc Grapey who played the role on Broadway with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick.  Jones continued,

“We are so fortunate to have the brilliant Chicago actor Marc Grapey on our team, who was in the Broadway company of The Odd Couple, covering for both Nathan Lane and going on for Matthew Broderick. Marc will step in to the role and we couldn’t be more pleased to have his talent and energy in the cast.”

Wendt is scheduled to make a full recovery.

George Wendt actually had his own show called the George Wendt show.  It was loosely based off the radio show Car Talk.  It revolved around George and his brother who own a garage and also host a radio talk show about cars.  The show filmed 8 episodes for CBS and only ran 6 before being pulled off the air.

George has managed to hold on to a large part of his fortune; he is worth $45 million!

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