Kirstie Alley Book signing in Barnes Noble Sitting looking Sexy

Kirstie Alley Starting to Look Hot Again, Rocks Stunning Black Dress at Book Signing in Los Angeles.


At 61 Kirstie Alley is looking ridiculously good.  Dancing with the Stars has been the best thing that ever happened to her life.  She loss 100 pounds during her first run, and is steadily losing this season.

She held a book signing yesterday in Los Angles for her new book, “The Art of Men”.

The book has sparked some controversy as Alley has admitted to being in love with both The Late Patrick Swayze and John Travolta.  She insists that nothing happened at all with either actor.

She explains that she wanted to have sex but Swayze refused because she was drunk,

‘No. Come on, you’re drunk. Kirstie, you don’t really want to do it. You’re not that kind of girl’.

Swayze was married to his now widow, Lisa Niemi.  They were married for 34 years.  Weather Alley is telling the truth or not, I respect the fact that she keeps Swayze’s reputation somewhat in tact.  34 years of marriage in Hollywood is rare.  Kirstie says that she had the permission of both Swayze’s widow and Travolta’s wife before publishing the book.

She says Travolta too refused her advances.  As she explained to Barbara Walters I her 20/20 interview,

It took all the power I had’ not to run off with him

She was married at the time, but Travolta was not.  They filmed three movies together and she insists nothing happened.

My first thoughts were she’s just a hoe-bag, but after she explains things in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, that you are not only working with a person night and day for months and months on end, away on location, but you are also pretending (acting) as if you are falling in love with them and in some instances you are kissing them.  For that…I guess I kinda get it.  I’m sure I couldn’t do it…that’s why I’m a blogger.

And now I bring you Kirstie Alley in, “I ain’t a hoe, I just acted like one”.