Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Officially Back. Photos of them Kissing at the Airport

Well it looks like Justin and Selena are back together again.  When I say “looks like” that’s because this time there are pictures, not just hearsay.

Earlier this week the two were alleged to have had a secret meeting.  The reason that the two broke up is rumored to be Justin’s relationship with Nick Jonas, who happens to be Selena’s ex.  She was not happy that the two were hanging out, so much so that Nick was posting tweets about Justin.

It appears that somehow they have put that passed them and the young couple is moving on.  They were spotted in a Salt Lake City airport where Selena was sitting on Justin’s lap and the two were kissing.  GET A ROOM!!


selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Kissing at the Airport

selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Kissing at the Airport 2

If you are wondering where they are spending their holidays, they are off on a couple’s ski trip where they will meet up with Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.

It appears all is well right??  Wrong.  Bieber fans are not happy and they are letting Selena know.  Selena received some angry tweets before they were deleted from her page,

Go back to your own friends and family. let justin breath and get your tongue from down his throat @selenagomez,’ (sic) wrote one of his followers.

‘Your relationship is faker than joan rivers face @justinbieber @selenagomez’

I say “do you” Justin, but next time get back with her after Christmas and you don’t have to worry about getting her a gift.  I’m just saying……