cowell and britney spears

Is Simon Cowell Done with Britney Spears?

Reports from Billboard and Us Weekly say that Cowell is done with Britney Spears.  The complaints are simply that she is boring.  She spent the whole season giving “half claps” and saying “amazing”.  That was it.  She did very little to earn her $15 million dollar single season paycheck.

A source says that Cowell wanted crazy Britney and instead he got boring Britney, and he paid a hell of a lot for boring Britney.

This seems to be exactly the opposite of how Britney feels.  She says that she loves the show and will definitely be back for a second season.  She just assumed that she would be asked back!

The chopping block for the USA version of “The X Factor” is filled with heads: Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul, Cheryl Cole, L.A. Reid, and now maybe Britney’s.  (Reid did leave on his own accord. )

Back in May, I said that Britney wasn’t worth the money, remember?

In my opinion her $15 Million dollar contract will ruin this entire endeavor in terms of profitability.  Just think Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger received $2.5 Million and $1.5 Million respectively.  You are going to pay a “has been” Spears who hasn’t proven herself yet in this genre of television more then 4 times what you paid judges who have experience in this area.  $15 Million for Mariah Carey or Beyonce seemed a tad high but acceptable, for Spears it’s jut plain ludicrous.  The winner receives $5 million so before the first performance the entire production is in the hole $20 Million.

I stand by my own quote.  GHTFOH!!  With the second season finale only being watched by 9.6 million viewers, down 18 percent from the first season finale, Cowell better do something fast.