Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell Attacked, Robbed and Seriously Injured!

This is a story that has been kept out of the media and has been revealed by the NY Post just yesterday.  The incident actually happened over a month ago and the super model has been in a wheel chair and on crutches ever since.


Apparently Naomi was trying to hail a cab in Paris when the robbery occurred.  It appears that the robber watched Naomi before the incident and waited for the right time to attack.

The robber approached her, violently knocked her down and robbed her.  It’s not clear exactly what was stolen, but Naomi suffered a torn ligament in the process. The NY Post reports,

“Her leg was injured as she was violently pushed to the ground. She was understandably very upset and shaken up,”



Vladislav Doronin

Once Naomi’s boyfriend got wind of the incident, Vladimir Doronin flew her by private jet to Vail, Colorado where she saw one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the world.  The surgeon that worked on her leg is the same guy who treated A-Rod.

The situation has been kept quiet by request of the French Police and Naomi’s insistence not to give interviews.  When the Post tried to call her she said,

“I am sorry, I do not talk to press, but I am fine.”

My immediate reaction after hearing that she wouldn’t talk to the press was  – BEEYATCH, but I have to say, at least she answered the phone.

Just so it’s clear, Campbell could have gotten her own jet, the 42 year old is worth $48 Million.