Ebay User Sells Jim Carrey Photo to Buy a Gun

The internet is full of little creative trolls, and one of them happens to be selling a Jim Carrey photo on Ebay to get money to purchase a gun. You might be wondering, “What is so special about that?” Well, Jim Carrey is a huge anti-gun supporter. He has called gun supporters some pretty nasty things on his Twitter account and he recently starred in a Funny or Die skit titled, “Cold Dead Hand.” Jim Carrey does not like guns and it appears like gun owners don’t like Jim Carrey.

An Ebay user decided to “stick it” to Jim Carrey by selling an autographed picture of Jim Carrey himself. The title of the ad was, “Jim Carey Autographed 8×10 Photo So I Can Afford a Gun!” which is quite the clever way to get a few quick bids. The 8×10 photo was black and white with the words, “Spank you very much!” on it. At one point during the bidding process, there were a total of 103 bidders and the price for the black and white photo was at a hefty $860.

However, something odd happened shortly after. The bids vanished and the description of the item had been changed to this,

“I’m selling this Jim Carrey autographed B&W photo (mint condition) for purposes I cannot explain because it might be against Ebay’s Terms & Conditions.”

Clearly, Ebay told the user that he had better change the title, or his listing would be shunned from the website forever! Of course, Ebay has not officially commented on the matter, but it’s pretty obvious what went down. Another case of the man coming in and squeezing the life out of all our fun! There were actually a few Ebay users who left comments on the listing, and they had some pretty harsh words for Jim Carrey,

“In the hopes Jim Carrey will see this: I will NOT be seeing Kick-Ass 2 when it is released.” One user said. And another user had this suggestion for whoever wins the photograph, “I would just like to encourage the winning bidder in this noble cause to bring the prize to the range for proper disposal.” Ouch! Why you have to be so violent, man?

I’ve never understood why people will boycott a certain actor’s movie or TV Show, simply because they disagree with them on certain issues. It’s not like Jim Carrey is going to give you a 15-minute lecture on gun control before his movie. When you walk into a fast food restaurant do you refuse to eat there if the cashier says something you disagree with?

 Cashier: I hate Tuesdays.

Customer: I love Tuesdays! Cancel my order; I’ll be taking my business to the Taco Bell across the street!