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Justin Bieber Posts Photo Of Himself Bearded And Crying… Should Fans Be Concerned?

Justin Bieber is looking a little different these days. It’s clear the 30-year-old singer is trying to put his boyish looks in the past, as he’s now trying to grow out a full beard.

He shared many photos on his Instagram this past week, including two where he was shedding a few tears…

This obviously had his fans concerned, but according to insiders, he just thought it was an interesting photo to snap. His wife, Hailey Bieber, commented on the photos, writing, “pretty crier,” so obviously she’s not concerned.

He also shared a bunch of other photos, which his fans seemed to appreciate, given the fact that he received over 5 million likes…


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He’s been posting a lot on Instagram the past two weeks, which is a bit unusual for him. He typically goes weeks without posting anything. Some fans are wondering if he’s preparing to release new music.

His last studio album, Justice, was released back in 2021, so it’s been a solid three years. Oddly enough, that’s not the longest time he’s gone between albums. He released Changes in 2020, five years after the release of Purpose in 2015.