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Travis Kelce Makes Taylor Swift Cringe During Speech At Gala

Typically, it’s Taylor Swift making everyone cringe with her white girl dance moves and dramatic lyrics, but the other night, her boo Travis Kelce was putting the cringe out there.

If you followed the Super Bowl at all, then you may remember Kelce shouting, “Viva Las Vegas,” during his victory speech. At the time, Swift was on the field celebrating, and she appeared to cringe a little when he said it.

Well, he brought it back at Patrick Mahomes’ charity event this past weekend. He jumped onstage and shouted, “VIVA LAS VEGAS!” into the mic, and thankfully, the cameras were on T-Swift when he did it.

Lip reading expert, Jackie Gonzalez, posted the video you see below, decoding what Swift said. And it certainly looks like she says, “That again? I can’t do it…”


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Obviously it’s just good fun though. It’s not like Swift is actually bothered by it. They showed each other love throughout the night.

At one point, Kelce nearly took a bite out of Swift’s shoulder…

It’s all love and cringe here.