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Short Clip Shows Travis Kelce Giving Taylor Swift A Sweet Shoulder Kiss At Fancy Gala

If you wanted some evidence that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift were still in love, well, we have something to show you!

The NFL star couldn’t keep his hands off T-Swift at Patrick Mahomes’ charity event this past weekend. In a short video going viral on Twitter, Kelce was spotted standing behind the pop star, leaning over her and planting multiple kisses on her exposed shoulder.

Wow. The caption of that tweet is a little dramatic, but hey, Swifties are built different. They are basically an extension of her, or at least that’s what it feels like to them. They probably felt that kiss before she did.

Insiders at the event say Kelce and Swift were “affectionate” all night…

The support is there for one another. The two seem to be in good spirits and definitely in love. They have an overall happiness about them.

Could this finally be “the one” for Swift? It’s still too early to say, given her history with romance in the past, but for right now… Kelce is all about her.