‘The Voice’ Reveals America Likes Country & Crazy

I like The Voice. I think it’s one of the best singing shows on television, but I don’t like the audience it seems to attract. Last night, The Voice had to eliminate two contestants in order to form their “Top Three” for the finale. As of last night, all of the judges still had a dog in the fight. Blake had two contestants, Usher had one, Shakira had one and Adam had one. Of course, both of Blake’s contestants are country artists, Danielle Bradbery and the god awful Swon Brothers.

And it surprised no one when it was announced that both of his contestants were safe from elimination. Both Danielle and The Swon Brothers are headed to the finals. Joining them will be the “crazy” Michelle Chamuel from Team Usher. So, that means Amber Carrington and Sasha Allen were the two contestants who were sent home last night.

“I just want doors to open so I can open doors for my kids.” The eliminated Sasha Allen said. “Determination is the engine that propels success in life.” Her coach Shakira told her. Meanwhile, Amber Carrington thanked her coach Adam Levine for being the only one who pressed his button when she auditioned, “Thank you for being the one button push that’s changed my entire life. I love you. Thank you so much.” she told her coach. Adam had some kind words for Amber as well, saying, “I think one of the best things about Amber is that she can do anything. I do believe in her ability to literally do whatever she wants.” he told the audience.


So, that means that Shakira and Adam will not be participating in the finale next Monday. They’ll have to watch from the sidelines as Blake’s country artists battle against Usher’s crazy artist. The battle will start at 8 p.m. ET.

Okay, now that I got all that sh-t out of the way. What the heck is wrong with America? Country and crazy, crazy and country. Country artists and “crazy/weird” artists always seem to do well on these shows, even if there are clearly better singers in the competition. You either have middle America voting for the country artists, or teenagers voting for the person wearing the hipster glasses. If Sasha Allen dyed her hair blue and performed a Dolly Parton song, she’d probably still be in the competition right now.

I think there should be a new singing show in America where America isn’t allowed to vote. Instead, we’ll find some small country and let them vote. That way they won’t be influenced in any way. If they see some person wearing big ass glasses on stage and dancing like a maniac, they’ll probably think, “What the hell is wrong with this person?” and won’t vote for them. I think it is the only way to judge purely based on singing talent alone.