Inside Jessica Simpson’s Delivery

We reported to you a few days ago that Jessica gave birth to her second child. She first had her daughter Maxwell just a little over a year ago and now she has a newborn son named Ace to add to the family.

She apparently had a scheduled c-section this time around and according to In Touch magazine, it didn’t go as smoothly as she would have liked…

“She had a suite at the hospital and her whole family was going to be there waiting for her when she got out of the delivery room. This pregnancy has been difficult. She was even more sick and all around more uncomfortable than she was the last time.”

They were also trying to renovate their mansion in Hidden Hills, California. The timing of everything made the whole pregnancy even more stressful. However, it was all worth it in the end…

“Jess has been through a lot. She could not be happier to have a healthy baby boy and Maxwell is really excited! She is so blessed and happy and is in the best place right now.”

Wow! Poor Jessica, huh? Having to deal with that silly little renovation on her $11.5 million mansion in California. That just must have been so terrible for her! I bet there were even times when she had to stay at some extremely nice hotel just to get away from all the noise. GASP!

She just has such a hard life, huh? I’m glad it all worked out though. I can see how that would just be so stressful.