Frank Ocean Suffers Vocal Tear, Live Nation Announces Canceled Tour Dates

Live Nation announced that Frank Ocean will cancel the remaining dates of the Australian leg of his tour.  Apparently Ocean has a tear in one of his vocal chords.  Something like that can lead to permanent damage if not attended to.

That all but makes it a “wrap” for Australia.  These touring dates will not be rescheduled due to Frankies schedule.  The shows promoter said in a statement,

“It was necessary to seek medical advice due to vocal issues Frank Ocean experienced during the show.  It has subsequently been confirmed that Frank has suffered a small tear to one of his vocal cords and has received medical advice that he must rest his voice.”


Not really but it’s odd that the vocal chord tear comes just a day after Ocean published lyrics going after Chris Brown.  Remember when Franky O got that standing ovation at the Grammys and Chris Brown refused to get up?  Well, so did Frank Ocean.  On his tumblr Ocean posted the lyrics to an upcaoming song Vercace:

  • Verace Versace I’ll play the Piano
  • I’m not Liberace
  • You could stay seated I’m taking that Grammy
  • Your music is sloppy

There has been no response from Chris and with the announcement of cancelled tours and thousands of dollars of money loss, Chris Brown doesn’t have to say a thing.  When Chris Brown saw the headline he was like …..