Ice-T Pulls a Geraldo Rivera: Shirtless On Twitter

We’re all still trying to recover from Geraldo Rivera’s “nude” selfie he posted on Twitter almost two weeks ago. It was a frightening picture, and it really almost shut down the internet. That’s how disturbing the image was, it was so bad that the internet just almost shut off forever.

Luckily, the internet survived and now we must face some more pictures of old dudes showing off their bare bodies. The latest old dude to post a shirtless selfie? Ice-T!

The rapper and husband of Coco posted the picture you see down below on his Twitter with a caption that read,

“This morning: Mfs popin sh*t … 55yrs old. ‘Don’t sleep on the old cats’”


Now, I am white so I have no idea what the f–k he is taking about, but at least he had pants on for this picture, unlike Geraldo who was one gentle breeze away from showing everyone his pecker.

I will say that Ice-T looks pretty good for 55-years-old. He just needs to learn how to work that camera of his because that quality is awful. In fact, I am not even sure that is really him. It could be a stunt double or something.