Where Did Beyonce’s Hair Go?

Beyonce has pulled a “Miley Cyrus” on us by cutting off most of her hair. The 31-year-old singer posted pictures of her new haircut on her Instagram account last night.

She didn’t say anything about her new haircut, I guess she kind of felt like the pictures said everything for her. A lot of people on Twitter have been saying that Beyonce “copied” Miley Cyrus, which is a bit silly.



Miley Cyrus wasn’t the first woman to cut her hair short, she’s just the most recent. Besides, comparing Beyonce to Miley Cyrus is like comparing perfectly ripe apples to a bunch of misunderstood oranges. It’s not a fair comparison because they are two completely different people.

One has to wonder if that incident Beyonce had with the fan had anything to do with her decision to get her hair chopped off.


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