Mike Tyson Reveals He’s been Living a Lie, He’s Only Been Sober for 6 Days!! [video]

If you are like me, you thought that Mike Tyson’s demons have all been slayed.  He has had a successful one man show produced by Spike Lee and has apologized to everyone from Robin Givens to Evander Holyfield. And just recently he has made his debut as a fight promoter.


After his first promoted fight during the postfight news conference Tyson revealed that he has been living a lie. He admitted that he has only been sober for the last six days.  He told shocked fight fans, during a rambling yet riveting confession,

“I want to live a sober life, I don’t want to die. I’m on the verge of dying because I’m a vicious alcoholic and I’ve been, um, wow … this is some interesting stuff, I’ve been, um … I haven’t drank or took drugs in six days,”

During the interview Tyson was on the verge of tears and got a standing ovation from some of the fans in attendance.   As you can imagine this admission created a buzz throughout the boxing world but Tyson has refused to say more.  His spokesperson released a statement to the press,

“Mr. Tyson is like any other human being suffering from the disease of addiction. It is vastly accepted that relapse is a part of recovery. There is no cure for this disease, only a daily reprieve. Unfortunately Mike has made some mistakes recently but fortunately he now recognizes them and is willing to fight his way back to the road of recovery.”

Here is the video clip.

The only time you can believe an alcoholic is when they tell you they are an alcoholic.


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