DMX Goes Streaking Inside Hotel (VIDEO)

We don’t claim to know what goes on inside the head of DMX. We just report the news, okay?

And yes, we do consider this news. We are an entertainment website after all, and it really doesn’t get more entertaining than this. The 42-year-old troubled rapper was caught running naked laps around his hotel room in Detroit last weekend.

Somehow, TMZ got a copy of the security video from the hotel and you can clearly see the rapper strip down to his birthday suit. Well, if you don’t count the socks and the house arrest ankle bracelet, of course.

As you can see in the hilarious video above, DMX rips off his boxers and runs naked right past a poor employee who was just trying to do her job. Just imagine how shocked that poor woman must have been, seeing a bouncing penis run right past her cart.

The best part of this video is how he just casually puts his boxers back on and walks back to his room like nothing happened. It’s almost like he does that every night or something.

He apparently told TMZ that he just “felt like” running around naked. He also said that he didn’t have anything to be ashamed of, which means that he definitely has a big head, we just don’t know which head it is.