Video: Kanye vs Paparazzi. Another Show down As they Show up at in his driveway at 4 AM!

I’m starting to feel a little bit sorry for Kanye now…but just a little bit.  I mean, it’s 4:00 AM for crying out loud!  Kanye and Kim were on their way to the airport, and as they step out of the house, right there in the driveway was the Paparazzi….asking him questions about Jimmy Kimmel!

Kanye loses it.  He starts to walk toward them but then backs up possibly remembering he has cases pending. .  You can see a covered up Kim getting in the Lambo and then Kanye goes on his classic rant telling them to get a respectable profession.

He calls them  mosquito’s and then says that every question he answers is another dollar for TMZ.

He might be right on all accounts.  This has indeed been a rough week for Kanye,  I’m voting him as “celebrity most likely to go postal”.

Here is the video.  Don’t feel too sorry, the same fame that gets him photographers at 4:00 AM gets laid by Kim Kardashian and a net worth estimated at $100 Million.  So please, don’t feel that bad at all. [more…]