Lamar Odom Fighting His Addiction By Himself

Lamar Odom doesn’t need professional help, at least according to Lamar Odom. The former NBA star claims that he can get clean all by himself and that rehab just isn’t for him.

He claims that he has been sober now for five days, and he says that he has no trouble staying clean. Sources say that Odom is very big on “self-healing” and he doesn’t believe that rehab will benefit him in any way.

He’s apparently trying to kick his habit by kicking out all of the bad influences in his life. This means he will have to dump a lot of his “friends” and he’ll probably need to stay away from all the tramps he has been hanging out with.

The 33-year-old star is trying to get clean in order to save his marriage, but sources say that he’s really more interested in being ready for the NBA season. Training camps are starting right now, and Odom is hopeful that he will be able to play at some point this season.

Well, good luck to him? Most people need that professional help to get clean, but maybe he’s strong enough to do it on his own. Five days sober is a good start, but he’s certainly not out of the woods. Hopefully he has a few friends that he can actually trust to watch out for him.