Verdict Reached In Michael Jackson Case

The jury has spoken and they have cleared Michael Jackson’s concert promoter, A.E.G. Live, of any wrongdoing in the death of the pop legend.

It was a long and stressful five month trial, but it all came to an end yesterday. The jury decided that the company was not at all responsible for the death of Michael Jackson. Members of the Jackson family claimed that A.E.G. Live should have been held responsible because they hired Dr. Conrad Murray for Jackson without making sure he was right for the job.

However, A.E.G. Live has continuously denied those claims. They have claimed from the very start that it was Michael Jackson who hired Murray. The jury actually agreed with Jackson’s family, they believe that the company was the one who hired the doctor. But they don’t believe that the doctor was unfit at the time to take care of Jackson.

This is certainly good news for the company. It’s no secret that they would have had to fork over some serious cash if they were found responsible. Lawyers for the Jackson family were reportedly seeking up to $1.5 billion. That number was based on how much Michael could have made during the rest of his career.

So, that battle is finally over with. Maybe now we can just let the dude rest in peace. The doctor has already been charged with involuntary manslaughter. It’s time that the family just moves on and focuses on his children he left behind.