In Honor Of Halloween, We Remember Cross-Dressing Shaq Singing Beyonce (VIDEO)

We’re not sure what Shaq is going to be for Halloween this year, but a few years back he rocked the costume you see down below.  As you can see, he dressed as ‘Shaquita’ or Serena Williams, we’re still not quite sure.

Anyway, just him wearing that costume would be enough to make us love him even more than we already do.  However, he didn’t stop at just the awesome costume. He posted the hilarious video you see down below.



He’s “singing “ Beyonce’s ‘Sweet Dreams/Beautiful Nightmare’ and it couldn’t be more appropriate.

We’re pretty sure this is both a sweet dream and a beautiful nightmare. Honestly, he doesn’t look all that bad as a woman. It would never work between us, though. I’m pretty sure I’d fit comfortably in the palm of his hand.

Anyway, Happy Halloween! Hope you all enjoyed the throwback video.