Mike Tyson Talks About His Fake Penis on Chelsea Lately (VIDEO)

Back when Mike Tyson was still knocking fools out in the boxing ring, he needed the help of a fake penis to pass the mandatory drug tests.

That’s right, the former Heavyweight Champion would put on a jockstrap with a fake penis attached to it while taking the drug tests. It certainly sounds like an interesting process, and Mike Tyson explained how it worked on Monday’s episode of Chelsea Lately,

In case you can’t view the video right now, we’ll explain what was discussed in the hilarious video above. Basically, Tyson needed clean urine to pass his drug tests because he didn’t want to stop smoking marijuana.


“(The fake penis) doesn’t work the way you think it works, but it works if you wanna pass a drug test…You take it out—it has somebody else’s urine (in it) of course, you have to have clean urine in it and hope it’s not a woman’s urine that’s pregnant and they take a pregnancy test.”

After he explained how it worked, Chelsea asked what color the fake penis was, “I don’t know…tan, brown, cream-colored!” he replied.

The whole interview was pretty hilarious, so I’d suggest searching her website for the full interview. I’m pretty sure that Mike Tyson is some kind of genius, he’s just very good at hiding it.

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