Amanda Bynes Is Out Of The Hospital And Recovering At Home

Remember when we were writing a story about Amanda Bynes every single day? And then some people locked her away in the hospital for several months and all the stories disappeared?

Well, those people might have saved her life. Bynes has now successfully completed her inpatient treatment and is now staying at her parents’ house in Los Angeles.

A lawyer for Amanda’s mother told People magazine the following,

“Amanda and her entire family would like to thank everyone who’s contacted them with good thoughts and wishes for Amanda’s recovery. Amanda has completed her inpatient rehabilitation and she’s feeling better every day.”

This doesn’t mean that she’s still not receiving treatment for her condition,


“Despite the fact that Amanda is no longer in a facility, her outpatient treatment is continuing. She’s very happy to reestablish the loving relationship with her family that she once shared.”

And even more good news? Amanda is looking at colleges in the area and is planning on majoring in fashion design. According to the lawyer, she’s been wanting to create a clothing line for a long time now.

That’s fantastic news. I’m sure she won’t be making any clothes for white dudes who like to bowl, but I’ll still buy a skirt just to help her career.