Eddie Murphy’s Daughters Are All Grown Up And Posing In Sexy Lingerie Photo Shoot

Eddie Murphy’s film career has been going downhill ever since he released that god-awful movie, ‘Norbit‘ in 2007. If it wasn’t for the success of the ‘Shrek‘ films, he’d probably be delivering me pizza right about now.

However, it’s not all bad news for the 52-year-old actor. He did help create the two beautiful women you see down below. That’s right, the fine girls you see below, giving you those bedroom eyes, are Eddie Murphy’s two daughters!


24-year-old Bria Murphy and her 19-year-old sister Shayne, took off almost all of their clothes for a racy lingerie photo shoot. Los Angeles photographer Dimitri Ray posted the photos on his Instagram account to show off his skills.




We know what you’re thinking, “How did Eddie Murphy create this?” Well, it’s simple. Former model Nicole Mitchell is the mother of the two girls. She filed for divorce from their father back in 2005, probably because she knew he would never put out another successful movie again.

How does it feel, Mr. Murphy? To know all of your best creations were made decades ago?