Justin Bieber Claims Selena Gomez Is A Drunk, Doesn’t Want To Be Blamed For Her Downfall

Once news broke that Selena Gomez went to rehab to treat an addiction to alcohol, pot and prescription medicine, we all assumed Justin Bieber had something to do with it. We all thought he was the bad influence. He was the problem and he is the one who spilled the oil in the Gulf of Mexico!

But Justin Bieber claims that Selena has her own problems, and that she drinks more than he does. According to sources who talked with TMZ, the 19-year-old star and his crew are laughing at the reports. The source claims that Selena is always the “drunk girl” at the party.

The source also told the gossip site that Selena Gomez can smoke even more weed than they can, claiming she would often “outdo” them.


Bieber’s team think Selena’s parents are spreading the rumors about him being a bad influence on her. They have always disliked him and never did think he was good enough for their daughter.

And get this, according to the source, Bieber is no longer with Selena anymore because she is high maintenance and “out of control.”

So, basically what he’s saying is that dating Selena Gomez is like dating a female version of himself? Interesting. But I don’t care what this “source” says, I am still going to blame Justin Bieber for this Selena Gomez situation.