Kendall Jenner Shows Off Her Nipples Again During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (PHOTOS)

Kendall Jenner just turned 18 a few months ago, and she’s already showed off her nipples to the world twice! You may remember seeing the photo down below on our site back in November.

The 18-year-old posted the controversial photo to her Instagram account.

Well, now Kendall Jenner is showing off her nipples again. And this time, she stepped up her game. She walked down the runway at the Marc Jacobs fashion show yesterday wearing a very revealing outfit.

You can click on the link down below to see the controversial photos, and to hear the reaction Khloe had to seeing her little sister bare it all.




We’re not sure why she looks dead in these photos, but we’re just going to assume it had something to do with the fashion show.

As you can imagine, Kendall Jenner has been receiving a lot of hate. We don’t need to tell you the sick names people on Twitter have been calling her. We’re sure you all are smart enough to figure it out by yourself.

But there was one person defending Kendall on Twitter, and that person was her big sister Khloe.

“She’s too dope for you 2 understand! Yall would trade places with her in a second! The hate is real! Lol bye haters! #ModelLife #Simple.”

Doesn’t that just warm your heart? To see a big sister defending her little sister like that? It’s almost as if they are a real family.