Did Naya Rivera Get A Boob Job? New Bikini Photo Sparks Debate

What is going on with Naya Rivera’s chest? We all know she has a fantastic body, but did she decide to screw it up by getting a boob job?

The 27-year-old actress has people talking after photos of her in a black bikini top went viral. As you can see in the photo down below, it certainly looks like her breasts are significantly larger than they were before.

Look at that! I mean, I know there could be several things that could make them just appear bigger. It could be a strange angle, lighting or that bikini top might just be doing a really good job at enhancing her breasts.


However, it just seems hard to imagine there would be THAT much of a difference. Take a look at the uncropped version of the photo.

I certainly hope this was just a bad picture. I know a lot of dudes are instantly attracted to huge boobies, but bigger isn’t always better. Some girls look better with smaller boobs, and some girls look better with bigger boobs.

Of course, Naya has not yet responded to the rumors. It looks like this will remain a mystery until she tweets out another bikini photo.