Thousands Of Justin Bieber Fans Disappointed After Struggling Artist Replaces Bieber’s “Believe” With His Own CD

Well, this is one Aprils Fools prank that just might end in a prison sentence. A 25-year-old electronic musician named Paz claims he planted 5,000 copies of a fake Bieber “Believe” album in several retail stores in the Los Angeles area.

Fans of the Biebs believed they were paying for his CD, but they were extremely disappointed when they tore off the Bieber packaging only to find a copy of Paz’s album.

The musician told AP the following…

“We were meticulous. We paid a lot of attention to detail because we wanted these to stay up on shelves as long as possible.”


How did they do it? Well, from the outside, the CDs were wrapped exactly like an actual copy of Justin Bieber’s “Believe.” Even the bar code was correct, which means the CD would ring up as Justin Bieber’s. In fact, even the money from the purchases still went to Justin Bieber.

The only ones getting shafted are the Bieber fans who bought the CD. Instead of hearing the sweet sounds of their hero, they’re hearing Paz’s independent album, “From the Bottom of My Heart to the Top of Your Lungs.”

The Associated Press has been able to verify this man’s story. They purchased random copies of Bieber’s “Believe” from several stores in Los Angeles, and they found Paz’s CD inside all of them. And Paz didn’t just hit up small stores. He pulled off the stunt in Target, Walmart and Best Buy.

“I’ve always believed that retail stores can be the best outlets and ambassadors for independent music. They just choose not to be and sell the same recycled (expletive). We thought if they’re going to lock their doors to independent musicians, we’re just going to knock them down and get our music in there.”

That’s cool and all, but you are doing it the wrong way. You are punishing Justin Bieber fans, not the retail stores. Some 13-year-old girl probably saved up a month of allowance to buy that CD, and you ruined the experience for her.

We can’t force people to listen to the music we like. If someone wants Justin Bieber to serenade them while they fall asleep, who the hell cares? That’s not my business.

Sometimes, when I am by myself, I like to dress up as a woman and dance to Shania Twain songs. Does that make me a bad person? Not at all. It’s just nice to feel like a woman sometimes, you know?