James Franco Continues To Be Incredibly Creepy On Instagram

James Franco is a strange dude. Talented? Absolutely! But he’s also really strange. It’s possible that his odd behavior could just be an act for the cameras, but we’d like to believe he’s just a strange cat.

Just yesterday, Franco posted a selfie to his Instagram account. Obviously there is nothing strange about posting a selfie on Instagram. Millions of people take stupid selfies and post them on Instagram; however, Franco’s selfie is special.

He posted the photo you see down below with an incredibly strange caption, “I AMOST FOLLOW 3000!! AT 2M FOLLOWERS ILL FOLLOW 5000.”


We have no idea why he was typing in the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger. We also have no idea why he has a random pen on his shirt. It looks like he might have been drawing on his shirt? Maybe he was writing in his journal before going to sleep.

It does look like he’s pretty comfortable in that bed. I wonder if there were any 17-year-old girls sleeping next to him?