Mike Epps Wanted For Assault In Brutal Comedy Club Attack

Mike Epps is a wanted man after beating up a fellow comedian outside a comedy club in Atlanta Saturday night. The man who was attacked, Lavar Walker, claims Epps was upset with him after he made fun of him during his standup routine earlier in the night.

Walker was told Epps was waiting for him outside the club. He was told he wanted to “speak with him” but when approached Epps, the 43-year-old “Def Comedy Jam” veteran punched him in the face. He then kicked him in the stomach and back.


Epps also had two guys helping him out during the attack. According to Walker, the two men grabbed his cell phone and threw it on the roof of the club, and then they smashed his glasses. After beating the poor dude to the ground, Epps left the scene in a red Ferrari.

Walker had to leave the scene in the back of an ambulance. He was transported to the hospital for treatment. He had multiple cuts and bruises to his face. He was also seen wearing a neck brace after the attack.

Atlanta police have now issued an arrest warrant for the funnyman. And this isn’t the first time Epps has been involved with an alleged assault. Back in April, Mike was accused of punching a woman at the Haunted House 2 premiere. No charges were filed in that incident.

We will keep you updated! Hopefully this report isn’t true. There is nothing more annoying than a comedian who can’t take a joke.