Lindsay Lohan Working Out Hard For The Summer, Posts Gym Selfies On Instagram!

No more wild parties and random lesbian affairs for Lindsay Lohan. She’s trying to keep her life on track. She has also been trying to keep her body on track by hitting the gym hard.

The 27-year-old actress posted a few gym selfies earlier in the week. She announced she was working hard to get that summer body.

“How many reps does it take to get that summer body!!rocking my @puma with @vasjmorgan,”


Why so far away, Lohan? We can’t admire how amazing your boobs look in that sports bra.


She did post a second gym photo, wearing the same green sports bra. Sadly, she was all covered up by then. What is she trying to hide? I can guarantee you her body looks better than 75% of her followers.


How disappointing. These photos are exactly like her career. So much promise and talent, but the execution just isn’t there.

Come back to us!