Maria Menounos Shows Off Incredible Bikini Body In Bora Bora (PHOTOS)

What’s better than a nice cup of coffee in the morning? A nice cup of Maria Menounos. The 36-year-old host went on a little vacation to Bora Bora recently, and she put on her hottest bikini for a modeling shoot.

We’ve got two lovely photos of Maria for you this morning. We’ve got all the important angles covered, including a delicious shot of her butt. And yes, I just now realized putting “delicious” right there makes this sound really creepy, but it’s too late to change it now. There is no going back.


Does anyone else have a strong craving for a peppermint candy? Anyway, Maria looks comfortable in the photo above, but she recently admitted to Health magazine there are things she doesn’t like about her body.


“If I were to take my jeans off right now, you would see pre-cellulite. It doesn’t look that good, but I’m OK with that. We’re all human. If I want to get rid of it, I know what I have to do.”

Ah, that’s okay. I highly doubt any dude would be like, “Oh, gross. Put your jeans back on!” They probably wouldn’t even notice. In fact, they probably would have finished inside their pants before you had the chance to take off yours.