Wendy Williams will Try her Hand at Stand up Comedy, She hits Vegas this week!

Wendy Williams turns 50 this month and she is determined to get through her bucket list.  One surprising thing on her list is to perform Stand-up, and if you know Wendy, if she wants to do stand up, then that’s what she is going to do.  And she did….

Williams will be hitting Vegas to perform a stand up comedy routine as part of a  new comedy series called, “Lipshtick: The Perfect Shade of Stand Up”.  It will be held at the Sands Showroom and showcase a plethora of female comedians.

She says it will be a Wendy that we have never seen, explaining that all of the jokes come from her personal experiences.  She sat down with ABC’s Dan Kloeffler before heading off to Vegas and discussed some of the perosthings that she will include in her act, [more…]

“I had a very tortured childhood, I was tortured, they fat shamed me … So, I want to talk about growing up. I want to answer the big question about the boobs. People know they are breast implants, but a lot of people, I read and see, ‘You’ve lost so much weight now, you need a breast reduction.’ I will answer you straight and direct, if you are in Vegas.”


We see a lot of this in blogs typically it’s in regards to one of the Williams sisters, either Wendy Williams or Serena Williams.  They are both large stature women and the first, unoriginal thing they are called are men, or tranny’s.  Wendy, who is 5’11” and is rarely seen without a wig has been called a man for years and she has learned to take it in stride,

“People do think I was born a man, That is absolutely not [true]. I get it. I’ve got a strong face, a strong body, I’m 5’11. I wear wigs.”

“there’s no worse way to insult a woman than by saying she looks like a man, but once a woman gets over that, there is no stronger woman.”

If you are a longtime Williams fan than none of this should  be a surprise.  Williams had a daily radio show and has authored several books and her loyal fans are all to familiar with the drama from her child hood, all the plastic surgery and even her marital infidelity.  This makes her “real” and relatable which translates into fans.  Even with her own successful talk show, she is still the underdog and we love rooting for her.


Other female comedians that will be performing in Lipshtick will be: Heather McDonald from Heather McDonald, Iliza Schlesinger from Last Comic Standing, Joy Behar formally of “The View” and the well known Lisa Lampanelli from….just about everywhere.  Wendy will certainly be in good company.


Wendy says that she has never sung Karaoke and she wants to drive a monster truck.  After doing Stand up in Vegas, those two things should be a piece of cake.

Tickets for Wendy’s show start from $74.25 and up.   HOW YOU DOIN!!